Terms and provisions for the „100 zł w prezencie” (100 PLN as a gift) promotion


  1. The organizer of the „100 zł w prezencie” promotion hereinafter referred to as  „Promotion” is ETOS S.A. with its registered office in Gdańsk, ul. Bysewska 23 entered into register of entrepreneurs kept by the District Court Gdansk-North in Gdansk, under KRS 178415; District Court: District Court Gdansk-North in Gdansk, VII Commercial Division of the National Court Register Number NIP 584-030-32-02, share capital equals 43 855 102 PLN – fully paid: NIP: 584-03-03-202, REGON: 192975787,
  2. Promotion starts from 10 November and lasts until 30 November 2011.
  3. The objective of the promotion is to support the sales of products available in -store (www.diversesystem.com).


  1. Only adult individuals with legal capacity may take participation in this  „Promotion”.
  2. Within this „Promotion” every person who makes a purchase of any product available in e-store for the minimum of 150 gross will receive a „promotional code” which entitles to a 100 PLN discount gross to use during the next shopping in (www.diversesystem.com) e-store.
  3. The promotional code will be given to those customers who pay by transfer, optionally by credit card. The promotional code will not be given to those who choose the option of payment when collecting the product. 
  4. The promotional code will be given to those e-store users who make a purchase between 10 and 30 November 2011.
  5. The promotional code will be sent to customers maximum within 24 hours after the payment for a product is credited on the company’s account.
  6. The promotional code is valid for 12 hours- counting from the time it was sent to an email address specified by the customer.  
  7. The promotional code can be used only when shopping in e-store. It does not entitle to any kind of discount or other benefit at any store of ETOS S.A.
  8. The discount connected with the promotional code is entitled when: The discount is used by the same person who received the promotional code and the address for delivery of these two parcels is identical.
  9. ETOS S.A. suspends the delivery of goods which enable receiving  the promotional code is given until the time when the validation date of the code expires. Both purchases will be delivered in one consignment.
  10. If the purchased made with the promotional code is lower (at face value- excluding the discount) than 150 PLN, the customer will be also charged for the cost of delivery (even if he/she made a purchase for over 150 PLN).
  11. The promotional code can be used only once, that is: only when placing a single order which may consist of several products.
  12. If, when using the promotional code, the customer will purchase goods for no less than 100 PLN (gross) he/she will pay 1 PLN for goods (gross).
  13. If when using the promotional code, the customer purchases goods for more than 100 PLN the customer will pay the excess amount.  
  14. The discount involving the promotional code is conditional. It expires if the customer returns the purchase or a part of it. In that situation the return of goods is dependent on the return of the goods purchased on the basis of the promotional code (unchanged condition) unless the customer returns the value of the obtained discount, or ETOS S.A. will charge for it. Customer hereby expresses the consent for the deduction of his/her claim for reimbursement of the selling price of the claim ETOS SA for the return earned discount.
  15. The promotional code entitles to a discount for only Diverse, Iridium and CLTN goods available in e-store (www.diversesystem.com).
  16. „100 zł w prezencie” promotion does not combine with other promotions.
  17. The user, by joining the „Promotion”, accepts these terms and conditions.
  18. Orders submitted on the basis of the promotional code that remain in conflict with the provisions of these terms and conditions will not be processed and shall be cancelled by ETOS S.A.


  1. For any possible reservations regarding the promotion the participant may contact only the Organizer by mailing on sklep@diversesystem.com. 


  1. These terms and conditions together with the terms and conditions for the e-store (www.diversesystem.com) are the only documents specifying the rules for participation in the „Promotion”. The organizer reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions. In the event of any contradiction between the terms and conditions for the promotion and the e-store, the terms and conditions for the promotion shall prevail.


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